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OASE biOrb Super Terrarium Build Competition


The Challenge: Plant a biOrb AIR terrarium, sight unseen.

Each contestant is an expert in the aquatics and/or plant hobby. They will not be shown the plant or hardscape materials beforehand. They will not be allowed to pre-select their materials. The materials are first come, first serve. Do they accept the challenge to showcase their skills under FUN pressure with their fans watching and cheering them on? Hosted by George Farmer

We’ll find out Saturday, September 28th @ 1:00pm

Who has accepted the competition challenge so far? 

Find out at https://us.oase-livingwater.com/biorb-competitors

Help select the People’s Choice winner starting Saturday @ 3:00pm.

at https://us.oase-livingwater.com/biorb-contest

Voting ends Sunday, September 29th @ 3:00pm CT

All biOrb AIR Terrariums will be a part of the Aquashella show raffle, with proceeds supporting the show’s selected charities.

We Look Forward To Seeing You!