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Aquashella integrates aquatic-themed art installations to transform the showroom into “a vibrant underwater universe.” The aquarium hobby is amazing because it combines aesthetics, science and living animals. Each ticket will come with a pair of UV glasses to view the fluorescent coral and aquatic themed art installations. 


Guest artists from around the country will be selling their works!

Lisa is an award winning artist who shares her love of animals and the ocean through her photorealistic and surrealistic paintings and drawings. In addition to her own work, she has been teaching painting and drawing for 20 years. Her work can be seen in art supply stores around the world on the Derwent Inktense art product packaging, on her website www.Lachri.com or her YouTube channel where she shares her painting process and teach other artists how to paint  youtube.com/Lachri.

Lisa Clough

Nori Vossen is a self-taught watercolor artist inspired by nature and wildlife. She is more likely to paint realistic subjects found in nature such as marine life, insects, and birds. 

Through watercolor, Nori strives to translate the raw beauty of nature and create a connection for people to appreciate what our beautiful planet has to offer us. For her, this medium is very therapeutic and relaxing because of its fluidity and delicate application. Most of all she loves making people happy and sharing her vision and passion through her artwork.”

Nori Vossen

Sam "Scālz" Garcia is a wildlife artist based in San Diego, California. He is a prominent fixture in the aquarium hobby for, not only his artwork, but his 30 years professionally involved in many aspects of the industry. His passion for fish can be seen in his realistic, vibrant and geographically accurate depictions of numerous freshwater and marine species, often in their natural habitats. While he paints primarily in Watercolor and Acrylic, Sam often works in other mediums.

Sam Scalz

Kimberly Leahey/kilaarts is self taught Artist from Saratoga N.Y. She loves painting Marine life to help spread the beauty of the ocean, and respect for it.   

Kimberly Leahey

Professional fine artist Duane Geisness is a graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago. He has shared the spotlight with some of the world's leading wildlife artists. His art can be seen online at his website www.jewelsofthesea.com

Duane Geisness

Kraylen is a self taught, uv abstract artist from Phoenix Arizona. He specializes in bright and unique artwork that glows near the reef tank or any uv lighting source.   

Kraylen Isill

Kaitlyn Cameron/Prisma Canvas 

Kaitlyn is an Oklahoma native whose passion for wildlife has fueled her art from a young age. An extreme eye for detail and a steady hand make her work pop from the canvas and capture her subjects in vivid color and pose."

Kaitlyn Cameron